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Why Sunscreen, why do you hate me so?!

While we do need some sun exposure for the natural production of vitamin D, the sun’s UV rays can be so damaging to the skin, especially as we age.

I have fair to light skin so, if I am going to be spending any amount of time outside  at all I HAVE to wear sunscreen!  Sometimes even though I wear sunscreen, I still will end up getting burned.  Not fun!

Here is my biggest problem… when I wear SPF on my face I end up breaking out! I don’t mean like a little zit here or a little spot there…I mean the BIG ones! The ones that last a long time and hurt like crazy!!! Let me tell you, that is not a way to be looking good!

I don’t like to break out…but I don’t like to have a sunburn on my face even more.

I have tried all kinds of sunscreens: lotions, sprays, creams,natural ones, expensive ones, cheap one, ones for babies, those specifically made to go on the face, the ones that claim that they won’t cause breakouts.  Yup, I have tried a lot of sunscreens…so far no luck!

Do you have the same problem? Have you found something that works for you? If you have any suggestions of sunscreens that you have used on your face with out any break outs, let me know because I’d love to hear them!sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy|

8 thoughts on “Why Sunscreen, why do you hate me so?!

  1. Have you tried Shiseido or Amore line sunblock? I’m allergic to most sunblock but most mineral ones are okay for me. 😦 It just gets super expensive because the ones people pay to put only on their face I need for my entire body! :/


      1. Perfect! Try it out and hopefully you don’t break out but at least you didn’t waste your money! For my face I’ve been using the IOPE cushion compact which contains SPF 50- but I don’t recommend you getting it until you figure out which Spf works for your skin. The CC contains minerals 🙂

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