Oh Where Oh Where Have You Been…?! And Other Interesting Questions Answered

If you have been a long time reader of LookingJoliGood, then you know that in the past I have posted very consistently.  Recently though…not so much, my posts have been fewer and farther between. So what has happened to make such a big change? I decided a long time ago that blogging was something that I… Continue reading Oh Where Oh Where Have You Been…?! And Other Interesting Questions Answered

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Happy Mother’s Day, 2018!

  I have been blessed with two wonderful, sweet, loving, healthy children.  I have also been blessed with a wonderful, loving, and healthy mother! I never knew just how much I was loved by my mom until I became a mother myself!  Being a mother is the best and most important job in the world.… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, 2018!

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The Greatest Gift- Eternal Life

I have been writing here on Looking JoliGood for almost three years now. (Wow, does time fly!!!) I have shared many things about all kinds of different topics, some beauty related, some health-related, some related to spiritual things. Today I am sharing with you what I believe to be the purpose of our lives here on… Continue reading The Greatest Gift- Eternal Life


Hope Through Disappointment

Have you ever set a goal for yourself then worked incredibly hard doing everything right to make it happen, only to be disappointed with a slip-up?  Yup, that was me the other day.  I got upset at my failure and started to feel disappointed in my myself.  I found myself at that juncture of two… Continue reading Hope Through Disappointment


“When Criticism Hurts” by Lysa Terkeurst

Isn’t it amazing when God gives us exactly what we are needing? Here is a wonderful devotional by Lysa Terkeurst that was just what I needed for today! I hope that you find it helpful as well! WHEN CRITICISM HURTS by Lysa Terkeurst Proverbs 15:2 The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the… Continue reading “When Criticism Hurts” by Lysa Terkeurst


6 Ways To Ensure Unhappiness

We all want to be happy, but yet often we are our own worst enemies!  I know that quite often the only reason that I am unhappy is that I choose to be.  Here are 6 quick way to ensure that you are unhappy! 1.Have Unrealistic Expectations Unmet expectations will almost always be the cause… Continue reading 6 Ways To Ensure Unhappiness


“There Is No Win In Comparison”

As I mentioned recently, I’m focusing this year on being grateful. One of the opposites of gratitude is comparison! Have you ever found yourself caught in the comparison trap?! Here’s a great devotional about the trap of comparison by Sandra Stanley. “There Is No Win In Comparison” For where envying and strife is, there is… Continue reading “There Is No Win In Comparison”