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Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum Review

~Weekly Product Highlight~ Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum Review~

I love Pantene!  Pantene makes my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner!  Even when I have used other higher end hair care brands, I always end up coming back to Pantene.

You may remember, I have extremely straight fine somewhat oily hair that I wear styled in a medium-short graduated bob with side swept bangs.  Since my hair is somwhat oily, I have to wash and style it every day.  I have never been able to get away with “second-day” hair. *sigh*

All that washing and styling can be tough on the hair.

I am a firm believer in prevention!  I prefer to prevent my hair from damage before it even happens!  This Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum is perfect for what I need. It not only prevents damage, but it also helps erase any damage I might have while I sleep.

pantene overnight miracle |

One of the things that I like best about this Overnight Miracle Repair Serum is
that it quickly repairs my hair and leaves it feeling soft and strong without having a heavy, sticky, or oily feeling.  It is not heavy and does not weigh the hair down.

I apply this product on the ends of my hair to about mid-way up the hair shaft. If I really want an extra deep conditioning, I will apply it all over my hair even on my scalp. Since I have short fine hair, I can get away with using only one pump or two if I am going for a deeper all over the head application. Since I use only one pump at a time, this almost 5 fl oz bottle lasts me a really long time!

It is a transparent white thin cream, that has a beautiful light pleasant clean scent. One pump gives about a quarter sized amount of product.

Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum |

What does the Pantene website have to say about  it:

“System erases 6 months of damage in 1 use

Don’t lose sleep over damage—lose the damage while you sleep. This easy-to-use overnight treatment will give your hair a shiny, smooth, soft wake-up call  that is weightless and non-sticky, and leaves no residue on your pillow.

WHO: Those who have damaged, stressed, and overworked hair; gentle enough for those who perm or color-treat

WHEN: Nightly, on wet or dry hair to noticeably repair damaged hair

HOW: Apply 1 to 2 pumps to hair—starting at the bottom and working your way up—stopping about mid-shaft. No need to wait or even rinse—go right to bed!”

If you feel as if your hair could use some extra moisture and conditioning as well as a bit of repair, I definitely recommend you give this Overnight Miracle Repair Serum a try.  A 4.9 fl oz bottle costs only around $6.50.

What about you, have you ever used this Pantene Overnight Miracle Repair Serum?  Did you feel like it made a difference in your hair? I would love to hear what you think?

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