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Eco Tools Brushes

~Weekly Product Highlight~Eco Tools Brushes~

Eco Tools is celebrating its 10th anniversary and they have recently rebranded a lot of their brushes and tools.

Recently my sister told me about a great deal on Amazon, I got this Limited Edition Anniversary Collection set for only $5!  I have no idea why they were offering these brushes at such a great price, but I am glad that they did.

These brushes are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. All of Eco tools products are made from recycled aluminum and plastic.  The synthetic bristles are super soft.

This set comes with six brushes and an aluminum metallic rose-gold cylinder brush-holder
The brushes included are:
Eye/Lip Blur Brush- perfect for applying eye liner or lipstick/liner
Eyeliner Brush- used for the application of eyeliner and eyeshadow.
Angled Crease Brush- perfect for applying eyeshadow to crease.
Airbrushed Finishing Brush
Controlled Setting Brush- perfect for applying setting powders and highlighter.
Aluminum cylinder brush-holder: perfect for traveling this is a recycled beautiful metallic rose-gold holder.


My favorite of all the brushes is the angled crease brush. Whenever I am trying to get ready quickly and only have a lot of time, I use this brush to apply my shadow.   It makes applying a transition crease shade quick and easy.  As well, a great brush helps to make even the worse of shadows go on easier.

Limited Edition Anniversary Collection ANGLED CREASE brush |

While the amazon special sale is no longer going on, the Anniversary brush set is still available for $19.99.  Whether $5 or $20, these brushes are absolutely worth it! I would pay more than $5 for just this angled crease brush alone.

What does the Eco Tools Website have to say about these brushes?

“Only available for a limited time.

We’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary the best way we know how…with a limited-edition brush collection!

This Collection features six face and eye brushes to create a fresh, healthy-looking glow.

EVEN: Create a flawless base with the buildable duo-fiber bristles of the AIRBRUSHED FINISHING brush.

HIGHLIGHT: Use the CONTROLLED SETTING brush for precise application of highlighting powders and creams to apples of cheeks and arch of brows.

TAME: Comb unruly brows and lashes with the SPOOLIE brush.

ACCENT: Add definition with the ANGLED CREASE brush by adding accent colors to creases of lids.

LINE:  Add definition across lash line with the FLAT EYELINER brush. For a more diffused look, swap your usual liner with an eye shadow in a similar shade.

BLUR: Diffuse and blend shadows and lip colors with the soft bristles of the EYE/LIP BLUR brush. Remember to clean brush well when switching between eye and lip products.”

Limited Edition Anniversary Collection ANGLED CREASE brush |

Eco Tools has a lot of great new brush and tools available!  They are great quality for a reasonable price.  With most sets being less than $20, these brushes are great for a novice to makeup as well as a pro.

What about you?  Do you have any Eco Tools brushes?  What do you think?  Which are your favorites?

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4 thoughts on “Eco Tools Brushes

  1. I have a bunch and they’re all decent. Only one ever stood out to me as HG material and it was a fluffy blending eye brush that was part of a set. I like it so much that I bought another set just to get that one brush! 😛


  2. I have a handful of their brushes. I got a set of 3 double ended ones at Big Lots for like $2. Last weekend I got their stippling brush to replace my Real Techniques one that bit the big one and it’s great for blending out my contour/bronzer & blush.

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