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Growing up it was my dream to be a hairdresser!  Although I didn’t end up choosing that as my career, all throughout nursing school I made extra cash by cutting the hair of all the girls that lived in the dorms.

Fast forward a decade and a half, (wow, has really been that long…)  I am still interested in cutting hair.  I don’t do as many haircuts as I did back in the day, but the ones that I do are more important to me because they are on my own head and the hair of my kids and husband.


I have been subscribed to Matt Beck’s YouTube channel for a while now.  He has so many awesome tips and tricks for cutting hair and getting the best style from your cut.

I have some crazy cowlicks going on in my hair!  Both my son and daughter have similar cowlicks as well.

There is always something new to learn and always some new technique to make things easier and the haircuts look better!

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