Weekly Product Highlight


~Weekly Product Highlight~ Chapstick~

When it comes to lip balms, I am very particular!  Sometimes it is the simplest and the most classic products that work the best for me.

No matter how many times I stray, I always come back to the original classic ChapStick.  I don’t know what it is about this classic lip balm, but it works better than almost every chapstick that I have tried!  It is nothing fancy, but it is effective.

Chapstick | lookingjoligood.blog

Since there are so many varieties of ChapStick each has its own combo of ingredients, but most ChapSticks contain camphor, vitamin E, aloe, beeswax, menthol, petrolatum, phenol, and oxybenzone. While I love the cherry, strawberry and the spearmint, the classic black ChapStick is my favorite!

original classic chapstick | lookingjoligood.blog

Each 0.15 oz tube costs around $1.

What does the Chapstick website have to say about the classic original chapstick?

“The one and only Classic! The one that made ChapStick America’s favorite lip balm and the one that our hearts still beat for. Try it in Original, Cherry, Strawberry and Spearmint.

  • Softens and protects for smooth, silky lips every day

  • Helps heal and prevent dry, chapped lips

  • The formula you know and love”

What about you?  What is your favorite lip balm? Do you like the original ChapStick or another flavor better?


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8 thoughts on “Chapstick

  1. Chapstixk is old reliable. Sometimes I’ll get the CVS or Walgreens version as it’s a little cheaper but works the same. Lately though I’ve been loving the Jack Black lip balms. Gone through a few of them.

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  2. Wow we call it lip balms in India..N we have a variety…I just can’t do without one..I need it all day n night ..In India we have amazing brands like Nivea..Avon ..Vaseline ..Himalaya..N the list goes on.. Basically M a lip balm freak, so have tried every brand I could lay my hands on..😀

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      1. Oh wow…Himalaya Is an Indian company maybe that’s why…Love reading your posts especially the no gym no problem posts..Though I do try to follow them and workout but M soo lazyyy🙈

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