No Gym? No Problem! #24 Popsugar Boot Camp All Fitness Levels

Take 30 minutes and improve your day! Your health and wellness are worth it!  Remember to keep proper form and warm up before, and stretch after you exercise!

Maybe you have noticed that Anna from Popsugar is pregnant?!  Personally, I worked out the entire time that I was pregnant with my second baby.  It made a huge difference in the way I felt during my pregnancy and post c-section recovery.  Here is what Anna has to say about working out while pregnant.

“When it comes to exercise and pregnancy, if the mom-to-be was physically active before getting pregnant, it is very likely safe for her to remain active during pregnancy. Basically, expectant moms should keep doing what they’ve been doing and slow down and modify their workouts as needed. While it’s usually OK to stick with a modified version of an existing workout routine, if you’re are pregnant be sure to consult with your doctor before starting something new.”

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