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There is no community like a community of women.

If you know me well, you know that I love animal facts! My favorite of all the animals (besides my precious BT Tessie) is elephants. I love how they have such big personalities and memories and stick together and even cry for each other. Jen Hatmaker also has a big personality and is one of… Continue reading There is no community like a community of women.

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You Don’t Have To Try So Hard

Every once in a while I stop and ask myself “Laura, why are you doing what you are doing?”  I made a decision about 6 months ago to stop doing things for the wrong reasons.  I decided that if something is not bringing joy in my life I need to stop doing it. I can’t… Continue reading You Don’t Have To Try So Hard

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I Love To Blog, BUT…

I love to blog and I love interacting with all of you, my blogging friends, but I love my kids more… Don’t worry, I’m not giving up blogging, or even taking an extended break! It is just that during the summer, while my kids are on break from school, I won’t have as much time… Continue reading I Love To Blog, BUT…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I am so thankful to have been blessed with two wonderful loving healthy children.  I have also been blessed with a wonderful loving and healthy mother! I never knew just how much I was loved by my mom until I became a mother myself!  Being a mother is the best and most important job in… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and Life

For Better, For worse!

I don’t really talk much about my family and personal life here on LookingJoliGood, but in the next few days, I am about to celebrate my 14th wedding anniversary… Way back then I thought I loved him with all my heart… I had no idea what it really meant to truly love someone. Love isn’t… Continue reading For Better, For worse!