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Here’s the Best Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape

I found this article on Real Simple and thought that it was so good that I wanted to share it with all of you here on Looking Joli Good. Nailing your look every time comes down to one thing: knowing how to play up your exact eye shape. Here, how to identify yours, what to use, and exactly where everything… Continue reading Here’s the Best Eye Makeup for Your Eye Shape

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New From Maybelline

Maybe she’s born with it?… In my case, nope, it is most likely Maybelline! So many of my favorite products are from Maybelline.  The brand as a whol is one of my favorites.  When it comes to foundations and mascaras, they know what they are doing! They have recently come out with several new products!… Continue reading New From Maybelline

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Good Eyebrows

This is just too good to not share… While my 6 year old daughter was watching me getting ready this afternoon to go out for Thanksgiving dinner,  she said, “Hmmm, your eyebrows are really good today!” So, for Thanksgiving today, along with many other things, I am thankful for good eyebrows and sweet compliments. 😉