A Seemingly Perfect Life

I say it all the time, social media is only the very best snapshots of the life we want to show the world. Don’t wish for someone else’s seemingly perfect life. We all have fears and tears and struggles. Be an encouragement to someone today, you never know what might be happening behind the filter.… Continue reading A Seemingly Perfect Life

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Happy Mother’s Day, 2018!

  I have been blessed with two wonderful, sweet, loving, healthy children.  I have also been blessed with a wonderful, loving, and healthy mother! I never knew just how much I was loved by my mom until I became a mother myself!  Being a mother is the best and most important job in the world.… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, 2018!


6 Ways To Ensure Unhappiness

We all want to be happy, but yet often we are our own worst enemies!  I know that quite often the only reason that I am unhappy is that I choose to be.  Here are 6 quick way to ensure that you are unhappy! 1.Have Unrealistic Expectations Unmet expectations will almost always be the cause… Continue reading 6 Ways To Ensure Unhappiness


The Devil Made Me Do It

While recently away in Florida on a family vacation, we did A LOT of driving. During these times in the car, we passed the time listening to old episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. My kids LOVE them, as both my husband and I did as children. Something about the episode we listened to the one… Continue reading The Devil Made Me Do It


The Power Of A Smile

Looking someone in the eyes and giving a simple smile and saying hello can do great things for a person!   You never know if they may feel invisible. Acknowledging someone might be a small act, but there is great power in a simple smile. Take time today to think about those around you and share a… Continue reading The Power Of A Smile


The Harsh Reality of Love

My best friend has been sick recently…  She’ll be 12 soon… Despite my deepest wishes and blatant denial of reality, I do know that she isn’t going to live forever. I know the reality of the situation, yet still, the thought of losing her makes my heart hurt, real physical pain, the type of pain that… Continue reading The Harsh Reality of Love


Matthew West – Broken Things

This song has been running through my head the last few days.  I love that God can take someone who is broken and still use me! If grace was a kingdom I stopped at the gate Thinking I don’t deserve to pass through after all the mistakes that I’ve made After all the mistakes that… Continue reading Matthew West – Broken Things