Cancer Cannot!

Cancer cannot |
I’ve spent the majority of my professional nursing career fighting cancer. Sometimes it seems as if I’m helping in the battle, and sometimes Cancer has the upper hand.

Cancer is a thief, a time stealer, a heartbreaker.

Cancer thinks it is so strong. Cancer feeds off of fear. Cancer knows hearing its name attached to the one you love will knock you off your feet and send your head spinning. Cancer thinks that it’s is unstoppable.

There are so many things that cancer cannot do.

Cancer Cannot |

Cancer cannot annihilate love,  terminate peace, trample hope or diminish faith.
Cancer cannot silence praise or quitet laughter.
Cancer cannot destroy friendship or remove memories.
Cancer cannot squash courage, suppress motivation, or cripple inspiration.
Cancer can weaken the body but it cannot conquer the soul or destroy the spirit.
Cancer can shorten life but it can never steal eternal life.
God's Way Is Perfect |
It is hard to believe anything good can come from the disappointment and pain of loss.  Trusting God in difficult times leads to a stronger faith. He’s always with us and will use hard times in our lives to make us stronger, wiser, more patient, and more compassionate, more like Him.
I lost a close friend to cancer today. Cancer may be able to separate us here on Earth, but it cannot take away our eternal life together in Heaven.

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