How ’bout Them Samples #6

I don’t think that I have ever gone this long before without buying new makeup! I cannot believe that I am still able to resist buying new beauty products!  I am still really enjoying using all these samples.  The longer I go on my “no buy” the easier it has been. It is amazing just how many… Continue reading How ’bout Them Samples #6

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Drugstore Makeup Guide

As you know, I love makeup! Quite possibly just as much as I love makeup I love getting  a good deal on great makeup! I posted my Ultimate Drugstore Makeup Guide a little while ago, but have recently discovered some new and awesome drugstore makeup products that I wanted to add to the list. ~Here is… Continue reading Drugstore Makeup Guide

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“Recent” Target Haul Review

Well, I have really been trying not to buy new makeup…easier said than done!  I bought all this stuff waaaay back in February and have been using most of it ever since. Here is a list of what I got (with links): Essence matte sun club bronzers This bronzer smells like summer and sunshine that is a… Continue reading “Recent” Target Haul Review

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Make Up Dupes…?!

Have you ever been using a drugstore product and thought to yourself, “Hmmm this reminds me of…(insert high end product name)” or vice versa with a high end product? Did you know that many of the high end companies we love are actually owned by one of the well known drugstore cosmetic companies? YSL, Lancome,… Continue reading Make Up Dupes…?!


Drugstore Haul Review

Good Buy or Goodbye?! If you know me, you know that I love Target!  They take all of my paper and mobile coupons, plus they have cartwheel. Back in October, I bought all of these things at Target and posted a Target Mini Makeup Haul.  Since then, I have had time to use some of the products… Continue reading Drugstore Haul Review

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Beauty On A Budget

One of my favorite places to find great deals on beauty products in CVS!  They always seem to have great sales and with their extra bucks rewards and their CVS Beauty Club.  (I don’t know about you, but I always spend my extra bucks on more makeup!) If you aren’t already enrolled in the CVS… Continue reading Beauty On A Budget


This or That: Yes to grapefruit daily facial scrub and Garnier Clean + Balancing Daily Exfoliator

I am going to be starting a new series called this or that comparing two similar products. For my first This or That I am going to compare:  Yes to grapefruit daily facial scrub and Garnier Clean + Balancing Daily Exfoliator for Combination Skin I have normal to combination skin. I live in the North… Continue reading This or That: Yes to grapefruit daily facial scrub and Garnier Clean + Balancing Daily Exfoliator