One Year Later… Grief

Grief… It is a thing we all have in common, but it looks and feels different to everyone. It comes in its own time… at its own pace…different for everyone. It’s dealt with in different ways by everyone. Some deal with it in healthy and healing ways, while others may choose ways that are hurtful,… Continue reading One Year Later… Grief


The real #topnine

All around Facebook and Instagram #topnine pictures are being posted. All the while, neither Facebook nor Instagram has any idea what events made up my 2018. ▪️No algorithm can tell about visiting with my Grampa as he looks at me but doesn’t know who I am.▪️Sitting in a hospital with my beautiful grandmother hooked up to… Continue reading The real #topnine


The Harsh Reality of Love

My best friend has been sick recently…  She’ll be 12 soon… Despite my deepest wishes and blatant denial of reality, I do know that she isn’t going to live forever. I know the reality of the situation, yet still, the thought of losing her makes my heart hurt, real physical pain, the type of pain that… Continue reading The Harsh Reality of Love

Love and Life

Lost and Found!

I have never in my entire life been happier to see this little doggie’s face! We lost Tessie today for several hours.  If you know me in real life you know how devastating this was! She has never even left our backyard alone before, she is always so good about staying close. So today when I… Continue reading Lost and Found!

Love and Life · Photography

Happy 10th Birthday, Tessie

Life is so much better with a Boston Terrier! There is no one who is happier to see me or makes me feel as unconditionally loved as this precious little dog!  She is such a source of joy and happiness in my life!  I cannot even believe that she has been around for 10 years.… Continue reading Happy 10th Birthday, Tessie

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What I Got For Christmas!!!

Hello everyone!  I hope that you all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas day!  Praying you all spent your day with those you hold dearest, making memories that you will cherish for a lifetime! I greatly enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my family.  We had a wonderful day together.  My most favorite… Continue reading What I Got For Christmas!!!