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Target Mini Makeup Haul


Went to Target to pick up one thing and $150 later…I discovered that both Wet n Wild Beauty and NYC Cosmetics were on sale. Of course, I picked up a few things to try out.
I have used this NYC BB cream before, and I think I remember liking it. For only $4 and 10% off, I figured it’s worth trying out again either way.
I love my Wet and Wild Petal Pusher palette, so I am going to give the Comfortzone palette a try. Plus I have heard so many people on YouTube recommend it.


I am a cream lipsticks kind if gal, I am not into matte lips at all. For less than $2, I am hoping that this NYC lipstick in Sugar Plum will be a winner.
Have any of you ever tired these NYC eye-shadows sticks? I have one from Milani and I really like it. Lately I have been using that one as an eye-shadows base, but since it is such a beautiful color, I don’t want to use it all up just as a base. I am hoping these neutral ones from NYC will work as well.


6 thoughts on “Target Mini Makeup Haul

  1. I have used that exact eye shadow stick, and I was hoping it was similar to NYX, but I was very disappointed. It doesnt transfer well onto the skin, and it doesnt last long at all.


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