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Huda Beauty

Do you already know about Huda Kattan?

Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty |

If you don’t know about Huda, I would love to introduce you to her!  Her’s is the first beauty blog I ever read.  She is very big into skin care and her tips and tricks are amazing.  I have tried out so many products due to her recommendation, and have loved them all.

She is absolutely gorgeous, has a wonderfully sweet personality and a beautiful smile! Her contouring is like no other! She has her own line of eyelashes that are absolutely gorgeous!

If you have never checked out her blog or YouTube channel I highly suggest you do!  I love all of her videos but her get ready with mes are some of my favorites.  I love to watch her transform her nose with conturing. (she is beautiful without the contouring, but it’s amazing to watch what she can do!)

She’s also got a wonderful Instagram account!  Speaking of instagram… I would love for you to follow me on Instagram Lookingjoligood and on Facebook as well at Looking Joli Good!

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