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Makeup and Outfit Of The Day

Makeup of the day, using some of my favorite brands Maybelline, Lorac, Seraphine Botanicals, Covergirl, the balm, Tarte and Loreal.  (Check back tomorrow for a full post about the Loreal Magic BB!)

If you follow me on Instagram (lookingjoligood) You may have already seen this picture.  Here is what I am wearing again on my face today.

makeup of the day |

Also here is a picture of me wearing the makeup, but although it isn’t actually a close up of my face, I really just wanted to show off this really cute outfit I just bought. So this post is actually a MOTD/OOTD post. I got this outfit at Marshalls for less than $50 USD. The shirt has a super cute gold zipper detail on the back.

OutFitOfTheDay |

(Seriously though, how huge is my phone?! Haha, it’s new too and I love it!  It is a Nexus 6P.)

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