How ’bout Them Samples?! Review

how about them samples? |

You may remember that as part of my “strict no buy”, I had decided to try to use up a bunch of the neglected samples that I have already received from various places and sample boxes.  Some products were awesome and I used them up right away, others have taken me longer to use.

Here’s my review of the samples from the first group of what I have been trying out…

Acute Day Cream |

Acure Day Cream:  This day cream has a nice citrus Christmas like scent to it.  Not sure if that quite makes sense, but the way it smells reminds me of Christmas.  I have enjoyed using this cream.  It isn’t overly awesome, but it has kept my face moisturized without feeling greasy.  The price for a 1.75 oz bottle is $16.99USD. After using this sample my opinion is that I would buy this day cream based on the sample.

Caress Love Forever Body Wash |

Caress Love Forever Body Wash:  As I have mentioned before, I am very sensitive to different scents.  I wasn’t sure if this body wash was going to give me a headache, so I was a bit apprehensive about using it at first.  It has “fragrance touch technology” that is supposed to make the scent last longer.  I was nervous that if it bothered me I might be stuck smelling it all day.  Fortunately,  it didn’t bother me at all, and I found that it actually smells absolutely wonderful!  The scent really did last for a long time! I really enjoyed this body wash..  It has a great lather and I actually got 7 washes out of this 1.8 fl oz bottle.  I love this body wash! My opinion after using the entire sample, I will definitely be buying this!

Marlowe Body Lotion |

Marlow Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion: This is a really nice thick body lotion. It has a floral scent that is very pleasant, but also quite strong. I feel like it is a honey suckle and gardenia flower scent. I got two full uses for my body out of this 2 oz sample, and have been using the little bits that are left for my hands.  A 2 oz bottle is $3.99 and 15 oz bottle is only $8.99.  I have a lot of body lotions to go through, so I won’t be buying this any time soon, but I would purchase this lotion based on the sample.

Nip and Fab Skin Glycolic Fix |

Nip+Fab Skin Glycolic Fix:  There were only 5 pads in this sample.  They may be awesome, but having only used it for 5 days I don’t see what’s the point of them.  I don’t really have enough information with which to properly decide if I would buy this or not. At around $16 for 60 pads, I’m not really interested in taking the chance.  Based on the sample I would NOT purchase this.

Nivea in shower body lotion

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion:  I use body lotion every day.  I love to keep my skin feeling hydrated.  I LOVE the idea of this.  It would be such a great thing to be able to streamline my shower routine.  I got 5 uses out of this 2.7 fl oz bottle.  I really wanted to like it, but I just didn’t.  I wasn’t a fan of the scent, a bit too manly for me.  But I would have forgiven the scent if it made my skin feel hydrated.  It didn’t.  Instead I felt as if my skin had a weird film on top of it.  Based on the sample I would NOT purchase this.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat |

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat:  Yes, yes, we all remember that I completely complained about getting this pink gel coat from ipsy.  I gave it a try based on the high recommendations of Amy from The Makeup Case and Lizzie from lizzielovesbeauty, and I will admit, they are right it is really good.  I like the way it makes my nails look and feel.  Am I going to spend $30 on another bottle when this one runs out…Absolutely NOT!  But, if you are really into nail polish and keeping your nails super healthy, then I think it is a great product. Based on the sample I would recommend purchasing this, but will not be getting it for myself (you all know, nail polish just isn’t my thing).

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet liquid lipstick |

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet |

Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet: I won’t go into great detail because I wrote an entire post about this liquid lipstick.  If you want to know what I think about it you can read more by clicking HERE.  Spoiler alert, I like it a lot.  If you want a great liquid lipstick that is not uncomfortable this is a good one! A 0.18 oz. tube is $5.  This particular shade307 Meteoric Matte is a great one for making teeth look whiter. Based on the sample I would purchase  another Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvet.

Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser |

Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser:  The first time I used this I hated it!  It has super fine granuals for the exfoliants. It felt as if I was rubbing sandpaper on my face.  Not exactly a pleasant feeling.  Since then, I have been using this product in the shower.  I think the extra water makes a big difference.  My skin does feel smoother after using it.  I don’t necessarily love it, but I’ll finish using the rest of the bottle. A 4.23 oz. bottle is $34.00 Based on the sample I would NOT purchase this.

I have really enjoyed trying out these samples, and I have already started using another set of samples.  Stay tuned for that post coming soon.  How about you?  What do you do with all the beauty samples you receive?  Have you tried any of these products?  What did you think?

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8 thoughts on “How ’bout Them Samples?! Review

  1. This is a great rundown of samples and if trying them would make you run out to buy the full size! I guess sampling DOES work, huh!
    I was curious about that Nip+Fab but it’s good to know they’re just meh.
    I tried that Nivea in Shower body lotion and I disliked it very much. Same as you, it left a film on my skin and I didn’t feel clean after my shower.
    I’m still thinking of trying that Perfect Pink Gel Coat… lots of raves on that.
    Awww too bad you didn’t like the Vasanti exfoliator, I love it. What I do is apply it like a face mask, let it dry out for about 15 mins to let the enzymes do their job, then I re-wet my face and gently exfoliate. I find it very gentle – you’re right, the trick is adding extra water.


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