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Ebates… getting paid to shop online

Do you use Ebates when you are shopping online? If not you totally should! It is hard to believe that it is for real and not a scam, but it really is for real!

It seriously sounds way too good to be true!  I had always been a bit skeptical, but it is really a legit thing.  I signed up last year on the recommendation of my sister.

Just today I have already earned $15 back just from the online shopping I have done.  I have received 4 checks this year, and  one of those checks was for $25, it is literally getting paid to shop online for things that I would already be buying.

It is so easy! You simply go to the ebates site sign up with your name, email, and address and start shopping and earning cash back! You can either search through their search bar for the site you want to go to, or add their cash back button.

 There are all kinds of sites that you can earn money from, Target, Kohl’s Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon just to name a few.

If you are interested in earning some money during your holiday online shopping, take a look at Ebates.

Here is a referral link that they gave me.

Happy earnings and happy shopping!

Get paid to shop online

**This is totally NOT a sponsored post.  Ebates has no idea that I am writing this.  I just love to share good deals with all of you!**

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2 thoughts on “Ebates… getting paid to shop online

  1. I have a friend who was in an Ebates commercial back when she was doing some acting. She was an actual Ebates user though (which is how she got to do the commecial). I think they still use her voiceover in one of the ads they still show too.


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