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Easter Candy, I Love You!

So, yeah, I try to mostly talk about eating healthy and making good choices…. I will also be the first person to tell you that I love candy.  I don’t care what kind of candy it is, I love it!  But I have to say, there is just something extra special about Easter Candy.

Why Reese's Easter pb eggs do you have to be so temptingly delicious?! The holiday edition of Reese's pdcups tastes even more awesome than the already awesome Pb cups. |

I don’t quite know what it is, maybe it is the egg shape, maybe the bright colors, but whatever it is, I especially love Easter candy!

My absolute hands down favorite are Cadbury Mini Eggs!  Why they are only sold for such a short time every year? Why? Actually, it is probably a good thing because they are pure kryptonite to me!

cadbury mini eggs |

While my heart truly belongs to Cadbury Mini Eggs, I can easily be persuaded by some Reese’s pieces eggs.  The candy shell is extra crisp and delicious.  The peanut butter center is sweet, smooth, and creamy…

reeses pieces eggs |

Moving right along onto Butterfinger eggs, they are also amazing. I have to be careful to not eat the entire bag!  Something about that egg shape wrapped in foil makes it all taste better!

I know that Peeps get a bad rap, but come on when given a fair chance, you have to admit, a sugar coated marshmallow is delicious! Plop that thing into some hot chocolate…yum, heaven.


Hey, even candy is ok in moderation…right?!  I’m glad that this candy is only available for a short while each year!


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