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Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow in Marisa Review

I received this eyeshadow in my March ipsy glam bag. I have received a few different products from ipsy from Doucce, but otherwise, I had never heard of the brand.   Ipsy marked this as a “Creator Fave” so I had high hopes for it.

Because of ipsy’s high recommendation, I decided to add this to the group of things I was trying for my current “How ’bout Them Samples” post.  As I started writing that post my review for this shadow was getting so long that I decided it deserved its own post…

doucce eyeshadow |

The last few times that I have received eyeshadows from ipsy they have given me some similar version of this rosy/orangey/cranberry red shade.  Generally, when it comes to eyeshadow, I lean towards neutral shades. Forcing myself to try out this Doucce Marisa shadow has really pushed me out of my usual everyday easy neutral comfort zone.

doucce marisa swatch |

The way I have been wearing this shadow while testing it out has been to put an eyeshadow primer on, a transition shade in the crease, and using a wet brush applying Marisa all over the lid and blending.  Once I apply and blend this shadow, the less rosy it looks and the more burnt orange it appears.

Despite the change from rose to orange, after a bit of work, I have been mostly pleased with the end result.  When using this shadow I always do my eyes first and then my face makeup afterward, you’ll see why below…

doucce fallout |

Here is what I think about this shadow…in the pan it is a beautiful sparkling deep rose color that is exactly what I love!  Although once swatched and applied, it is definitely has a more burnt orange undertone than a deep rosy pink…That is ok, not my favorite, but I could still work with it.

The metallic sparkles are gorgeous!  When applied dry the pigmentation and color payoff are only ok.  Once blended the sparkle and color fade significantly!  Applied with a wet brush or foiled in the pan the pigmentation is much better and the fallout is less significant.

While the shimmery metallic rosy orange color is quite pretty on lids, the fallout is insane!  Dry brush, wet brush, foiled in the pan, with primer, without primer, tapping my brush and then tapping it again…no matter how I used this shadow, there was so much fallout!

doucce back Marisa |
The back of the shadow has two tiny magnets on it to hold it into the quad or a z-palette

This 1.4 g size is a full-size shadow, the single shadows cost $10 each.  On the Doucce website, they have a customizable quad available for $35, which would make each shadow $8.75. There are 82 shades available: 15 matte shades and 67 shimmer shadows.

doucce quad |

What does the Doucce Website have to say about their shadows:

“A highly pigmented and passionately luxurious eyeshadow that serves as the building blocks of the Freematic Eyeshadow magnetic system. The 82 ready-to-wear colors come in both matte and shimmer textures, and can be used alone or within the Freematic system to create custom palettes. The versatile silky smooth powders are so rich it feels creamy. The fine weightless powders glide on easily and blend effortlessly without smudging or creasing. Apply dry for a more natural finish or apply wet for a more long lasting dramatic look.”

doucce shades |

Since this is the only Doucce shadow I have ever used, when it comes to application and fallout of the other shades, I don’t know if all the shadows by this brand are a similar formula. With 82 shades to choose from, I am really hoping that they are not all as terrible when it comes to fallout!

In summary:

Did I make it work while testing out this shadow?…Yes…Is this going to become a new go to look and go to shadow?… No. Do I recommend this eyeshadow in this shade?…I am going to have to say no.

Instead of spending $10 on one of these Freematic shadows, I would recommend spending $6 for a 1.5g MAC shadow (available in 112 shades) or $6 for a 1.8g Makeup Geek shadow (available in 103 shades) or $2.99 for a 2.3 g Maybelline Expert Eyewear single (available in 20 shades).  I highly reccommend these Maybelline shadows!  The shade Nude Glow is gorgeous!!!

Nude Glow Maybelline eyeshadow |

How about you? Have you ever heard of the brand Doucce?  Have you ever tried any Doucce Freematic Eyeshadows?  What did you think?  Did you find that the color changed with blending and that it had a lot of fallout?

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7 thoughts on “Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow in Marisa Review

  1. Wow that’s a large box for a little eye shadow! 😛
    The colour is pretty – a bit unusual but not too far out of the neutral comfort zone. Too bad about the fall out though. I always do my eye makeup first before foundation or concealer so fall out isn’t too bad – I always clean up under my eyes before proceeding with foundation.
    I haven’t tried the new Maybelline eye shadows yet but the old singles I have are great – I was pleasantly surprised!


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