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What I Eat In A Day Weekend Edition

~Ditch The Diet~

What I eat in a Day | loookingjoligood.blog

As you may remember, I follow a model of eating called 80/20 which means 80% of what I eat is clean/healthy foods and 20% is “splurge” foods.  I also eat intuitively.  Meaning if I am hungry I eat until I am satisfied, and if I am not hungry, I don’t eat.  Sounds simple right? Some days are easier than others especially if there are warm chocolate chip cookies in my house.

As you will see, I am a bit more strict with getting in all my veggies during the week, and not as much on the weekend.

breakfast375Breakfast 375 calories

I love Honey Nut Cheerios! Starting the day off with something sweet often helps me to stay on track for the rest of the day.

Kellogg’s – Honey Nut Cheerios, 3/4 cup /28 g 110 cal
1% Milk, 0.5 cup 55 cal
Trader Joes – Ancient Grain & Super Seed, 1 TBS 60 cal
Greek Gods – Greek Yogurt – Vanilla Honey 113.5 g/1 cup 145 cal
Regular Coffee Black 10 oz <5cal




Can you eat pizza and lose weight? Yes you can!  You just have to be aware of the type of pizza that you are eating.  I made my pizza at home with a multigrain crust and reduced fat cheese and baked chicken.What I eat in a Day | loookingjoligood.blog


What I eat in a Day | loookingjoligood.blogLunch 456 calories


2 pieces of Multi Grain Pizza with cheese and shredded chicken 250 cal ( 1 serving 125 cal)
1/2 California Avocado 120 cal
1 1/2 cups Baby roman leafy greens 6 cal
1/2 cup Halo Top – Ice Cream 80 cal (serving size 1/2 cup 80 cal)

What I eat in a Day | loookingjoligood.blog

Snack 90 calories

12 Caramel Mini Rice Cakes, 90 cal (serving size 8 mini cakes 60 cal)

What I eat in a Day | loookingjoligood.blog

Dinner 685 calories

Hamberger Roll, 1 roll 140 cal
2 pieces Bacon 80 cal
Ketchup/Mustard 15 cal
Ground hamburger 86/14  4 oz 240 cal
1 slice Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese 80 cal
Trader Joe’s – Veggie and Flax Seed Tortilla Chips, 7 chips 130 cal (serving size 7 chips 130 cal)

YES, that is a hamburger bun! Yup, a burger with a bun is not going to derail your diet! Just like eating pizza won’t kill you, you can enjoy a burger with a bun and still stay on track and lose weight too.

Here is a rough breakdown of my macros
1,605 calories
Protein 72g -288 cal from protein
Fat 74g -667 cal from fat
Carbs 158g-632 cal from carbs
Fiber 24 g
Water 90 fl oz
The biggest difference in my weekday and weekend eating habits can usually be seen in my macros.  I tend to let myself eat more fat and less fiber.
I hope these examples of what I eat in a day can help you to make some healthy choices!  I will post these “What I Eat In A Day” posts every once in a while.
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