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Walmart Beauty Boxes Fall 2017

Did you know that Walmart has it’s own  subscription beauty box?  Yup, they do!  It is a quarterly box and only costs $5 a season.Walmart beauty box classic | lookingjoligood.blogWalmart technically calls it a “sample box” and says that the box itself is free and the $5 is a flat rate for shipping and handling.  Either way, the box costs $5 each season.

In your Walmart Beauty Box, you can expect to find around 7-9 samples. Sometimes there are even a few full-sized makeup samples.

How does it work?

  • You sign up at
  • Create and account
  • Add your payment and shipping info
  • Wait for you confirmation email
  • Enjoy your beauty box when it arrives

Walmart beauty box classic | lookingjoligood.blogThe Walmart beauty box website says

“Each subscriber will be charged upon receiving an order confirmation (locking in your box for the season).
If you do not receive an order confirmation, please check your account information to make sure the payment and shipping information in your account is up to date (as well as check your junk mail). Following the order confirmation email is a shipping confirmation, once you receive the shipping confirmation email you can expect a delivery within 5-10 business days. Each seasonal Beauty Box is a limited edition and may sell out at any time. Note: Beauty products may vary by box.”img_20171122_1930061046733190.jpgThere are two different types of boxes available, the classic and the trendsetter.  Up until recently, only one box could be sent per email address, but that has been changed.  I  now receive both boxes.

Here is what I got in this season’s boxes:

Trendsetter Box

4 sample products and 4 foil packets product 2 perfume samples

img_20171123_075341_1441148714109.jpgOne of the things we got in this season’s Trendsetter box is a Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask.  Sounds weird and pretty interesting at the same time.donkey milk beauty box classic |

Classic Box

6 sample sized products.  I’m not super impressed with these boxes, especially considering I know what I used to receive in these boxes last year…beauty box classic | lookingjoligood.blogSeriously though, where is the Dove deodorant?   I think that I have gotten 9 so far, so I was expecting another one to make it an even 10!  😉dove advanced care Walmart Beauty Box Trendsetter Box Spring 2017 | lookingjoligood.blogSo that you can get an idea of what is usually included in the beauty boxes I have added a few of the recent past Walmart beauty boxes.

Here is what I received in my Summer 2017 Classic Boxbeauty box classic | lookingjoligood.blogHere is what I received in my Summer 2017 Trendsetter Boxtrendsetter | lookingjoligood.blogHere is what I received in my Spring 2017 Trendsetter Boxtrendsetter Walmart Beauty Box Trendsetter Box Spring 2017 | lookingjoligood.blogHere is what I received in my Spring 2017 Classic Box a special “Me Moment” boxme moment |

For only $5USD four times a year, this is a great subscription box to receive.

What about you?  do you get this Walmart Beauty Box?  Do you get any other subscription bags/boxes that are worth trying out? Let me know in the comments below.

**There are no referral or affiliate links in this post!  The links provided are just because I really like to tell everyone about great deals!

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