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Tip Tuesday #90: How to apply your blush

Here’s another tip for Tip Tuesday:

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Today’s tip is about how to apply your blush to get the best results.

I love blush! It is one of the magical makeup products that can be applied quickly and simply, yet will instantly brighten your face. You may be using the world’s best makeup, but the truth is if you don’t use the correct technique it’s not going to look good on you.  Here are my tips on how to get the best results from your blush application.

  1. Apply powder blush after all of your cream products have already set.
  2. Using a clean brush, dip your brush into the blush, tap away any excess,  and sweep a small amount onto the apples of your cheeks only.
  3. Blend the color up, out, and along the tops of your cheekbones.
  4. If you prefer a bit more of a punch of color, you can also apply your blusher onto the cheeks with a makeup sponge.
    blush Laura |

By applying your blush to the apples of your cheeks only, you will be drawing the color up giving the face a lifted look.  Don’t apply blush below the cheekbone area, unless you want your face to have a drawn down look to it.

Two of my current favorite blushes are TARTE Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush $29 (available in 13 permanent shades and 6 limited edition shades) and the ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush $2.99 (available in only 2 shades)

Tarte blush |

Essence satin touch blush |

One of my favorite blush brushes costs less than $2 and comes from the drug store.

wet n wild blush brush |

The Wet N Wild blush brush is “Designed perfectly for the apples of your cheek, this brush is designed to make you blush! Featuring two-toned synthetic Polymax fibers made of an exclusive thermoplastic polymer complex that mimics the consistency of natural hairs to pick up formula effortlessly. Holds any cream, powder, or liquid formula without absorption. Exclusively designed ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand for precise application.”

Check out last week’s Tip Tuesday for correct technique for bronzer application. Next week’s Tip Tuesdays we’ll be discussing highlighter application.

Let me know if you try it out and what you think! If you are enjoying these tips every Tuesday you can check them all out by clicking HERE.

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