Oh Where Oh Where Have You Been…?! And Other Interesting Questions Answered

If you have been a long time reader of LookingJoliGood, then you know that in the past I have posted very consistently.  Recently though…not so much, my posts have been fewer and farther between.

Where have you been? |

So what has happened to make such a big change?

I decided a long time ago that blogging was something that I would do for fun, and if at any point it ever became a chore or a bore, then I wouldn’t do it anymore. I still love to blog and I enjoy interacting with all of my readers, but recently I just haven’t had the time, energy, or passion to write about beauty products.

What is in the future for Looking Joli Good?

My priorities have made a major shift in the last 6-9 months.  I started LJG as something fun to do, I’m going to continue to write on LJG as something fun to do. Around the middle to end of February, I decided that I needed a break from consistent posting…

While I still plan to post on LJG, I am not going to be so strict with myself about getting three or more posts up a week.  I want my blog to grow, but instead of working at it so hard, I’m just planning to let it happen more organically.  (I have never cared about the numbers and I still don’t.)

Tip Tuesday Make up tips and tricks every Tuesday |

What about Tip Tuesday? Any more tips for us?

For now, I have decided to put Tip Tuesdays on hold.  After 101 tips I am all tipped out…kinda.  Actually, I think of tips that I want to share all the time, I just haven’t had the time to take the photos and write the posts.  So when things slow down a bit I will resume on a Tuesday with tip 102. 😊

Any more weekly product highlights coming?

Despite not writing beauty posts, I have been trying out a bunch of new products and have lots of opinions about them.  When things settle down a bit and the school year is over I will probably have more time to write some reviews on the things I have been trying.

Happy Birthday Tessie |
Happy 12th Birthday, Tessie!

How is that sweet little dog doing?

Tessie is doing well.  Despite giving us a scare earlier this year, she is on the mend.  We have to give her daily medication and have changed her diet, but both seem to be working great and she just celebrated her 12th birthday at the end of April.

Where is your Looking Joli Good IG account?

For the time being my IG account is “temporarily deactivated”.  As I mentioned above, I decided a long time ago that it is something that I  do for fun, and if at any point it ever became a chore or a bore, then I wouldn’t beat myself up over taking a break from it. With the new IG algorithm, I was spending too much energy thinking about ways to increase my photos views and picture interactions. Posting on IG became something that I dreaded doing, instead of being something fun it felt like major work.   In turn, I lost my zeal for it all together.

Lookingjoligood Instagram |

Will you be reactivating your LJG IG account in the future?

Maybe…I don’t know…We’ll see…. As for now, No.

it's a nurse |

What have you been doing with all your “free” time? 😉

I have been working a lot more hours at the hospital.  I love taking care of my patients, but after a long day of caregiving, my brain is toast! I can’t even stay awake never mind write posts.  Which kinda also leads into the next question…

What is important you now?

For the last several months I have been teaching a Bible study at my church.  I have greatly enjoyed reading the books and getting deeper into understanding the Bible as I have been preparing for the study each week.  Spending more time reading the Bible has changed my perspective on several things.  I still absolutely love makeup and beauty products, but I haven’t been as excited about spending time writing reviews.

Stewarding Life by Paul Chappell |

The two recent books we have been studying are The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst and Stewarding Life by Paul Chappell.  Both books have been a great encouragement to me these last few months.

The Best Yes |

Don’t worry, I am not giving up on Looking Joli Good.  Sometimes we all need to give ourselves permission to let some less important things go in order to focus on things that are more important at that time.

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