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The Best Eye Shadow Palette And It Is Shockingly Only $3!

Bite Sized Eyeshadow |
Bite Sized Eyeshadow Rose Water

The little Bite Size 4 pan quad palettes from @elfcosmetics are not only amazing but they’re also only $3 USD! They’re available in 8 different quad combos with the cutest food related names such as Cream and Sugar, Pumpkin Pie, Carnival Candy, and Açaí You. Out of the eight available quads I have three: Rose Water, Berry Bad, and Cream and Sugar. They are all beautiful and great quality, but Rose Water is my favorite and most used.

laura |
A simple but beautiful eye look using the 4 shades from the Rose Water Bite Sized Elf Cosmetics Palette

Surprisingly it seems that every time I use the shadows in the Rose Water quad someone will compliments me on my eyeshadow look. I’ve hit pan on my original quad, so I’ve already repurchased another new one.

Much used and much loved Rose Water Bite Sized Palette from Elf Cosmetics

You can check out 8 different quads of the little bite sized ELF palettes at by clicking here or for a choice between 6 palettes check out Elf Cosmetics at Target by clicking HERE .

You can see what other products they have available when you visit their Instagram page by clicking @elfcosmetics. While you are over on Instagram, stop by and visit my page as well @lookingjoligood. Generally, I post mostly pictures of plants and puppies, but there are occasionally pictures of makeup and beauty products as well. 😉

What about you? Have you used any of these bite sized palettes from ELF Cosmetics? Did you love them? Have you used any other elf eyeshadows or other products that you love? Let me know in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Eye Shadow Palette And It Is Shockingly Only $3!

  1. These shades are so pretty 😍😍I heard about these palettes, they receive so much love and positive review. Definitely gonna check them out!!!


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