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The Skin Brightening Effectiveness Of Vitamin C Serums

Since I haven’t been wearing makeup as often during this time of staying home and mask wearing, I’ve been focusing even more on skincare. I love skincare and fully believe that the most important part of any makeup application is well taken care of healthy skin. While certain aspects of skin health are out of our control, there are certain things we can all do to improve the health and look of our skin, like daily sunscreen use, moisturizing, and always removing makeup before going to bed.

When filling out a beauty survey that asks what is my main “skin concern”, I always check the box that says dark spots/skin discoloration and dull skin. While some of these issues are from years of sun exposure while not wearing sunscreen, the usual cure for brightening skin is Vitamin C serums. I want bright skin! Over the years I have used a lot of different Vitamin C Serums, a lot! I’ve used expensive ones, inexpensive ones, and all kinds of in between priced ones too.

Let me give you a quick run down of some of the ones that I have tried recently…

Cerave Vitamin C Serum
Skincare Radha Rosehip Oil
Yes To Grapefruit Glow Boosting Daily Exfoliating Tonic
Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C
Vitamin c serum from Derma-E
Drunk Elephant C-firma day serum
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Cerave Vitamin C Serum 1 fl oz for $20 USD I have always had great success with the majority of the Cerave products that I have used. When it comes to Vitamin C serums this one is priced pretty middle of the road at $20, and it works well. I always thought it had a bit of a strange scent to it, but from reading other reviews and talking to others that have used it, I think that is just the way it smells. I have purchased this serum several times.

Skincare Radha Rosehip Oil 4 fl oz for $15. This is a great price for the amount of product, $3.75 USD per ounce. Since it is an oil, it can breakdown some foundations and face products, so it definitely doesn’t work well underneath makeup. I usually used it at night as part of my overnight skincare routine. Over time it added some brightness to my skin but because of the heavy sticky feeling on my skin it is not my favorite.

Yes To Grapefruit Glow Boosting Daily Exfoliating Tonic 4 fl oz for $15 While technically not a vitamin c serum, this tonic boasts that it will brighten the skin while making it glow. Every night when I use this tonic, it always gives my skin a bit of a tingling stinging feeling. I use this tonic every evening after I double cleanse my skin before I moisturize and put on serums. I have used about half of the bottle, so far I haven’t noticed a large enough of a difference in the texture and brightness of my skin to justify the added step in my skincare routine.

Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C 1 fl oz for $13 I purchased these ones over and over again. They have the classic vitamin c hot dog water scent to them. While I did enjoy these serums at the time that I was consistently using them, I haven’t repurchased them in a while.

Vitamin c serum from Derma-E 2 fl oz for $20 USD I started using it in May and just finished this bottle and I have already purchased another one to replace it. It has a nice light scent and doesn’t feel oily or weighty on the skin. It can be worn well under makeup and includes hyaluronic acid. I think it is a good product and I’m looking forward to continuing using it.

 C-firma day serum |
Drunk Elephant C-firma day serum

Drunk Elephant C-firma day serum 1 fl oz for $80. I faithfully used this every single day for five months until I had used the entire bottle… I noticed some slight brightening to my skin, but overall I did not see enough of a difference to justify that high of a price point for something that I can get a similar quality product at a much lower price.

Overall, do I think that Vitamin C serums brighten the skin the way they promise…yes and no. With consistent use, I have noticed that my skin has a nice look to it. Have I noticed any lightening and brightening of sun discoloration, age spots, and dark spots?…No, not really, at least not an overwhelmingly noticeable difference that I would continue to pay large amounts of money for.

Out of all the vitamin c serums I have used which one do I recommend…drum roll please… I prefer the Vitamin c serum from Derma-E with a close second runner up Cerave Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serums can be all over the place when it comes to pricing. Just because a product costs more does not mean that it is more effective. The derma-e product is a quarter of the price of Drunk Elephant C-Firma, while twice the amount as the Skincare Radha Rosehip Oil per ounce.

The best advice I can give you when it comes to brightening the skin and decreasing premature age spots…

Use sunscreen daily to prevent sunspot and premature aging

Use Suncreen |
Use Sunscreen

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What about you? Have you used any vitamin c serums? Did you notice any difference? Did you have any sensitivities or irritations? Let me know in the comment section below.

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*Some of the above links are affiliate links

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