This Is How To Change The World

The world we live in is a scary and mean place.  The best way to change it is to be the change in it.  We can start one person at a time by teaching our children to be different than all the others. This is how they’ll change the world, by us teaching them to… Continue reading This Is How To Change The World

Love and Life

My Greatest Contribution to the Universe

The other day I was driving home after picking my kids up from school.  Out of no where my son asked, “Mom, how do you like being a parent?”  I told him “I absolutely love it, it is the BEST and hardest thing I have ever done.”  Ever since that conversation I have been thinking… Continue reading My Greatest Contribution to the Universe

Make up

Too Muddy To Contour…

My daughter was playing dolls in the other room and I overheard heard her say, “I was really anticipating that this shade was going to be great for contouring, but it’s too muddy. I think I’ll try it as a transition shade in my crease.” I love it!  Little eyes and ears are always watching… Continue reading Too Muddy To Contour…