Be Kind To Yourself!

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli I would love for you to follow me on  Twitter,  Instagram, and Facebook. You can find me as Looking Joli Good on all three.  I would also love to follow you on Instagram and Twitter as well, so let me know… Continue reading Be Kind To Yourself!


Pro-Trump Christians: Stop, Please Just Stop!

Pro-Trump Christians: Stop, please just stop! You, you have allowed this to happen. You’ve encouraged the raging narcissist in the White House to think he is God’s chosen and in turn an untouchable god. You praise him for placating you with lies of his “pro-life”  stance, while turning a blind eye towards his hatred of… Continue reading Pro-Trump Christians: Stop, Please Just Stop!


Focusing on Gratitude

  At the beginning of 2018 I mentioned in a previous post that in lieu of a New Year’s resolution, I have claimed the word “gratitude” for the year. I was recently reading a devotional focusing on Job’s gratitude despite having seemingly lost everything important to him. Having what seemed like nothing left, he still said:… Continue reading Focusing on Gratitude


The Power Of A Smile

Looking someone in the eyes and giving a simple smile and saying hello can do great things for a person!   You never know if they may feel invisible. Acknowledging someone might be a small act, but there is great power in a simple smile. Take time today to think about those around you and share a… Continue reading The Power Of A Smile


We Need To Do Better!

I am not a political person, I am not looking for a fight, argument, or a big discussion. I am just so tired of unkindness being the normal thing.   Evil prevails when good men stand by and do nothing! I don’t know what to do personally, but something needs to be done! Just because someone… Continue reading We Need To Do Better!


What’s the Word for 2018?

Happy New Year, 2018! I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions, what about you?  I am more of a resolve to make a change when it is needed whether it is January 1st, April 18th, or November 24th. That being said, this year I am going to try something a little different. This is… Continue reading What’s the Word for 2018?


This Is How To Change The World

The world we live in is a scary and mean place.  The best way to change it is to be the change in it.  We can start one person at a time by teaching our children to be different than all the others. This is how they’ll change the world, by us teaching them to… Continue reading This Is How To Change The World