Pro-Trump Christians: Stop, Please Just Stop!

Pro-Trump Christians: Stop, please just stop! You, you have allowed this to happen.

You’ve encouraged the raging narcissist in the White House to think he is God’s chosen and in turn an untouchable god.

You praise him for placating you with lies of his “pro-life”  stance, while turning a blind eye towards his hatred of “losers”, the poor, women, immigrants, people of color, children in cages, mistreatment of his staff and advisor, and hundreds of thousands of Americans that have lost their lives due to his mismanagement of this virus. 

You’ve heard the disgusting things he’s said and you’ve made excuses for him.

You’ve given reasons for his bad behavior and explained “what he really meant”  

You’ve chosen to keep your head in the sand while being warned.

Despite your fearless leader calling his supporters and proud boys to action on several occasions, you are somehow shocked by these occurrences, or even worse defending them, or blaming someone else! Shame on you!

Your over-the-top opinions about Trump have divided us at family gatherings and church meetings. 

The rest of us wonder what happened to the person we once knew. How has my friend, neighbor, family member, been so blinded by such obvious insanity? How can such an intelligent person be so easily fooled?

You claim self-righteousness and moral high groundedness on certain key issues choosing to be “right” rather than kind, all while ignoring the second greatest commandment to “love thy neighbour as thyself. “(Matthew 22:39)

We have all been watching your twisted version of Christianity. There is no truth and there is no love. Stop pretending there is! 

Pro-Trump Christians, please do everyone a favor and STOP! Stop giving moral and spiritual insight because clearly, you don’t have any to offer. 

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