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I love to give my opinion and I love free stuff. There is actually a place online that both of these things come | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comI love to give my opinion and I love free stuff.  There is actually a place online that both of these things come together…

Infuenster is a product discovery platform that lets opinionated, social media savvy consumers like you discover and share knowledge on products through sampling, reviews, and more!”

It is easy to get started.  You just need to login and complete your profile by sharing some general information about yourself so you can get matched with campaigns that you might be interested in. (Like how I get matched up with the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation) Honestly answer some quick questions about your shopping behavior to improve your discovery experience.

Then you connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to create your “Social Impact.”  Your Social Impact is a major factor in determining how likely you are to qualify for campaigns.

Then invite your friends using your referral link.  Here is mine:  You’ll be awarded with five points for every friend who connects their social media accounts to Influenster.

As I have mentioned in other posts I have received a few VoxBoxes from Influenster.  “VoxBoxes are packages filled with complimentary products from your favorite brands. Not all Voxboxes are the same some campaigns feature an assortment of products while others will spotlight one awesome brand.”

So far I have been loving being a part of Influenster.  Hopefully you will join and have the same experience as well!  Plus, you can get free stuff and who doesn’t love free stuff!

**the sentences in quotes come from the FAQ webpage**

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