See Me by Nicholas Sparks

One of my favorite past times is getting lost in a great book.I LOVE to read!   Over the last few years I have read about 15 or so of Nicholas Sparks many books.  Some have been better than others. While I absolutely loved The Notebook (then again, who didn’t) and its sequel The Wedding, The Longest Ride was another good one, yet I couldn’t even make it all the way through At First Sight.  I must also add that I don’t watch the movies that are associated with his books, so please don’t think that I judge his books by the movies. (Although, I have probably watched The Notebook 100 times.) On Friday I just finished reading See Me (published in October 2015).  After finishing this book I have come to a conclusion: For now I think I need to take a break from reading Nicholas Sparks books for a while…

Here is my summery of See Me (well actually the majority of all of his books.)

Disclaimer: If this were the first Nicholas Sparks book that I had ever read I would have loved it!  It was a good story and the characters were likable, but it isn’t the first one I have read, soooo…

See Me Nickolas Sparks |
See Me and the majority of his books all follow the same basic pattern: insert name of absolutely beautiful leading lady and a gorgeous muscular love interest leading man.  They meet and realized that they are both the best looking people they have ever seen. While they instantly fall in love, there is some self doubt on one side or the other due to the struggles of their past. Something happens to cause a big fight between them, they break up! Don’t worry, the love story doesn’t end there.  Despite the fact that they can’t live without the other person, they will not call or even try to work something out, (probably due to the struggles of their past). Then all of a sudden tragedy strikes and something terrible happens to bring them back together. Due to the sorted past, the police cannot be asked for assistance with this tragedy and actually the police night might make the situation worse. Now that they are back together true love is stronger than ever. Now  they can face anything because they are together.  But wait, something even more horrific happens, the strength of their love is tested. (Probably the sorted past showing up again)… yadahya…True love conquers all! Happy ending! All this always set in a beautiful North Carolina town.  The end.

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