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Tip Tuesday #35

Here is another tip for Tip Tuesday!

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This week’s tip is to use coconut oil as a makeup remover

I have mentioned before that I have to wear waterproof mascara if I want my lashes to stay curled.  Since it is waterproof most regular cleanser will not remove my mascara.  I like to remove every single little bit of my makeup every night, so I needed to figure out a way to get all my waterproof mascara off.  That is when I discovered coconut oil as a makeup remover.

Trader Joe's coconut-oil |

Coconut oil is great for so many things, but one of my favorite things to use it for is a natural makeup remover.  A small amount goes a very long way, so a jar or bottle will last a long time!

I start with my eyes since it takes a little while for the oil to breakdown the mascara. I use take one pump of fractionated coconut oil or one tiny scoop of organic unrefined coconut oil.  I rub it gently on my eyes in a circular motion.  I let that settle in while I remove the rest of the make up from my face.

To remove the rest of the rest of my face makeup, I gently rub coconut oil in a circular motion all over my face. I wash it all off with a warm wet wash cloth*.

*You don’t want to let the coconut oil filled water that you rinse off your face with go down the drain.  Over time it will harden and clog up your pipes.  Pretty gross!

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4 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday #35

    1. I usually use fractionated coconut oil which doesn’t harden so it doesn’t cause the same problem. When I don’t use that kind, I don’t rinse the cloth at the end but instead put it right into my washing machine. It doesn’t cause a problem there since the detergent is better at breaking down the oil.

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