Ditch The Diet for Healthy Habits

Let Yourself Indulge

~Ditch the Diet~

Let’s review the ways we have already discussed on how to ditch dieting for good…

1) Make small manageable changes one at a time.
2) Set realistic goals and write them down.
3) Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.
4) Find healthy foods you love.
5) Get a routine and be consistent with it.

Here is the next way to add to the list:

6) Let Yourself Indulge (within reason):

Denying yourself can lead to unwanted binges. Instead, be strict with your diet leading up to the time before the indulgence. Truly enjoy the food that you are eating, and then, later on, DO NOT make yourself feel guilty about it afterward.

If you know you are going to a birthday party or a friends BBQ let yourself indulge within reason. Maybe you are going to a fancy restaurant or out for a celebratory dinner.  There is no reason to binge on all the food that is there, but there is also no reason to force yourself to resist eating either.

indulge | lookingjoligood.blog

I have found that occasionally enjoying a sweet treat or special meal is an absolutely necessary part of a feasible healthy lifestyle.  We are not talking about a strict diet, the whole point of ditching the diet is learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoying your life!

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