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Delicious Fiddleheads

Does anyone else know what these tasty little veggies are?

FiddleHeads |

Fiddleheads or Fiddlehead greens are the furled fronds of a young fern, harvested for use as a vegetable. If unpicked, each fiddlehead would unroll into a new frond.

They are only in season for such a small amount of time, but if you see fiddleheads at the grocery store you’ve got to try them!

I’ve seen them in the woods all around our house, but I’m always afraid to pick them just in case I accidentally pick the wrong thing and poison myself. Lol!

If I were to describe them, I would say that they taste like if asparagus, baby spinach, and green beans had a baby, with a bit of nuttiness. How’s that for a description, haha.

how to make fiddleheads |

Wash them really well, blanch for two minutes then cook them on the stovetop with a bit of butter or olive oil for 3-5 minutes.

Trust me, you’re gonna L❤️ve them!

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