When Measuring Up Leaves Me Falling Behind

I have recently finished reading (for the second time) a book called Why Her? 6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind by Nicki Koziarz.  This book has really opened my eyes and made me think about comparison in a different light. From the lives of two sisters/wives from the Bible, Rachel and Leah, Nicki brings up a lot of great points about the pitfalls of comparison .

Why Her? 6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind by Nicki Koziarz |

Here is a little overview of the contents of the book:

“If success is defined in the eye of the beholder,
who are you letting behold your success?

Nicki Koziarz is confronting the comparison question: Why her? 

Through two striving sisters in the Bible, Nicki uncovered six truths’ we need to hear when trying to measure up leaves you falling behind.

These six truths will help you:

·      Stop staring at her success and find satisfaction in yours.

·      Find contentment with your life without being complacent in who you are becoming.

·      Gain godly wisdom to answer the Why Her silent question of your soul.

Someone will always be ahead. But that doesn’t mean you’re behind. Because Truth, like always, will set us free. And free women don’t have to measure up to anybody. Not even her.”


Here is an exerpt from Truth three: You Don’t Always Have to be Okay:

Yes, it’s okay not to always be okay. But it’s not okay to NEVER be okay. That’s not what God wants for us. He needs us to know he’s a good God who has good things for our lives. In fact, He wants us to be more than just okay. His word is filled with so much power and authority, with so many examples and clear statements of His goodness. It is good to say, “God is good”, but it is better to know God’s goodness.

When we’re in a position of not feeling okay, there’s a time to climb out from under the bed covers. I know it’s where we feel like staying sometimes, but if we want the breakdown to lead to the Breakthrough, we need to get up and actually go through it.”
~Nicki Koziarz

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)
Hebrews 10:23

Hebrews 10:23 |


If you are like me, and for that fact most women, you have probably found yourself at one time or another stuck in the trap that comparison sets.  I highly recommend you read this book by Nicki Koziarz.

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