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You Won’t Believe What $10 Serum Has Made My Eye Lashes Grow!

eye lash serum |

Do you remember that time when we were young, wild, and free to travel around without worry? 🤔

Back during that time, I was in Florida visiting my sister. We were on a walk when I noticed that her previously short eyelashes were now noticeably much longer! It wasn’t a new mascara, it wasn’t an expensive eyelash serum with a questionable ingredient list. She had been using cold pressed organic caster oil! 🙌

Sister Sister |
My beautiful sister lives in Florida. I love visiting her, we have so much fun when we are together!

Obviously, as soon as I got home I purchased it and started using it immediately!

While I haven’t noticed the drastic results on my lashes that she had, I’ve definitely noticed that my lashes, especially the bottom ones, seem longer and thicker. Let me I tell you though, this oil has made my already thick eyebrows grow like crazy! So crazy that I cannot apply it to my brows every night or they become too thick. When have you ever heard someone complaining about a serum working too well? 😲

In the past I’ve used a lot of eyelash serums with various results. The majority have caused some eye or skin irritation. I have been using Teddie organics caster oil for around 9 months and haven’t had any eye issues.
They even sent along a little bottle with a mascara wand. 10/10 recommend. 

Teddie organics |

You can check out Teddie organic on Amazon by clicking HERE or by visiting their Instagram page by clicking @teddieorganics. While you are over on Instagram, stop by and visit my page as well @lookingjoligood. Generally, I post mostly pictures of plants and puppies, but there are occasionally a pictures of makeup and beauty products as well. 😉

What about you? Have you used many lash serums? Did you notice any difference? Did you have any sensitivities or irritations? Let me know in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What $10 Serum Has Made My Eye Lashes Grow!

  1. I should try this! I’ve used one serum before that made my friend’s eyelashes super long but I didn’t notice much difference. I guess it’s just different for everyone!


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