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Hair Color and Skin Undertones

Hair Color and Skin Undertones | Experiencing a good hair day has the power to completely transform your entire perspective! Although I’m unsure of the exact reasons behind it, I can confidently affirm that it holds true without a doubt. Knowing that your hair looks good can add an immeasurable amount of confidence to the way that you feel.

A lot of people are fortunate enough to be born with a beautiful head of gorgeously colored hair. Take my son, for instance, he was blessed with stunning auburn red hair. It’s not uncommon for random women to approach him and express admiration for his captivating hair shade. Naturally, being a young boy, he finds it rather bothersome when they do so. 🙂

Were you aware that, similar to undertones being crucial for selecting foundation, they play an equally significant role when it comes to coloring your hair? (If you don’t know what your skin undertone is read my post by clicking HERE!)

Unless you are going for a shockingly major change, try to stay within two shades of your natural hair color for the best results.

If your skin has warm undertones, it’s advisable to opt for hair colors that have warm tones as well. On the other hand, if your skin has cooler undertones, it’s best to stick with hair colors that have cooler tones. An effortless method to determine the undertones of a hair dye is to observe its name: if it includes “platinum” or “ash,” it signifies a cool-toned color. Conversely, if the name contains “golden” or “mahogany,” it indicates a warm-toned color.

Cool Skin Tones

Hair Color and Skin Undertones |

Here are Hair colors that Cool Skin Tones Should Avoid:
Individuals with naturally cool undertones should refrain from selecting hair colors that incorporate gold, yellow, red, or bronze tones. These warm hues can potentially give the appearance of a sallow complexion and make you look more tired or drawn.
Hair color that Cool tones look best with:
For individuals with cool undertones, the most flattering hair color shades include glossy raven-wing blacks, cool ash browns, and a range of cool blondes spanning from mink to platinum and icy white. When it comes to highlights, opt for wheat, honey, taupe, or ash shades. Stick to neutral, ash, and beige bases when selecting a hair color. Additionally, you have the advantage of being able to pull off many vibrant “unnatural” hair colors such as lipstick reds, burgundies, orchids, and purples, which can add excitement to your look.

Warm Skin Tones

Hair Color and Skin Undertones | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comHair Color that Warm Skin Tones Should Avoid:
To maintain a flattering look, it is recommended to avoid hair colors that have blue, violet, beige, or ash undertones if you have cool-toned skin. These shades have the potential to “wash out” your skin color and may not complement your complexion as well.
Hair color that Warm tones look best with:
For individuals with warm undertones, hair colors such as dark, warm browns, chestnuts, rich golden browns, auburn, warm gold, and red shades tend to be the most flattering. Additionally, highlights in warm tones can enhance your hair’s appearance. Consider incorporating golden blondes, copper streaks, and golden brown shades as highlights to add warmth to your hair color. Colors with a red-orange or gold base will generally complement your complexion well.

Few Guidelines to go by when coloring your hair at home:

When it comes to artificial hair color, regardless of the shade or tone, it’s important to understand that simply choosing a lighter shade will not achieve the desired lightening effect. The general rule of thumb in hair coloring is that hair color cannot lift or lighten existing hair color. While you can alter the tone of your hair, the level or lightness cannot be changed through coloring alone. If you wish to achieve a lighter shade, it may require additional steps such as bleaching or using hair lightening products. It’s recommended to consult with a professional hairstylist for the best approach to achieve your desired result. Go see a professional if you want to lighten your hair.
When opting for a darker hair color, it is advisable to select a warm and golden tone to avoid ending up with an ashy appearance. Choosing a warm tone can help maintain vibrancy and prevent your hair from looking dull or lackluster.In cases where you have grey hair that is appearing too light or if the hair color is not effectively covering the grey, it is recommended to allow the color to remain on your roots for at least 40 minutes or even longer. Grey hair is typically resistant to color and requires a longer processing time for the hair color to fully penetrate and provide adequate coverage. By extending the processing time, you increase the chances of achieving the desired result in terms of coverage and color intensity.
Hair Color and Skin Undertones | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comI recently watched Fantastic Four with my son. In the movie, Jessica Alba, a naturally beautiful actress, portrayed the character Susan Storm with a blonde hair color that may not have been the best match for her skin undertones. Now, don’t get me wrong she is absolutely beautiful, but whoever decided that this was the shade of blonde for her didn’t know much about matching hair color with skin undertones! It seems that the hair stylist may not have taken into account the importance of aligning hair color choices with an individual’s skin undertones. As a result, she appeared washed out throughout the film. It serves as a valuable lesson, no matter how beautiful you are, consider your own skin undertones when deciding on a hair color to ensure a harmonious and flattering overall look. By matching your hair color choice with your skin’s undertones, you can enhance your appearance and achieve a more cohesive and complementary style.

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