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Ipsy February 2017 Glam Bag

ipsy february 2017 |

What? It is March and I am just posting my February ipsy glam bag!  I got this ipsy bag mid February, and then left for vacation a few minutes later (of course I took a bunch of photos of it first, haha).  I had such an amazing vacation and completely forgot to write a post about my ipsy.

February’s theme is “Much Love”

ipsy february 2017 |

(If you don’t know what ipsy is you can check out my previous post all about it by clicking HERE)

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw my February bag. 

This month’s bag is super cute!  The material is jean with orange cording around the edge and a lip shaped zipper pull.  This time my son took one look at it and said “It’s mine!”  His favorite color is orange, so I let him have it.

Here is what I got in my February bag:

be fine cleanser |

BeFine Food Skin Care Gentle Face Cleanser

This brand’s formulas are completely vegan and packed with good-for-your-skin, natural ingredients. The minty scent is nice and refreshing.  I have been using this since I got it and have really enjoyed the way it makes my skin feel. I have received a few other products from BeFine and, so far, I really like this brand overall.

what up beaches bronzer |

Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer

Matte bronzers always look more natural than shimmery ones.  It has a really nice neutral brown shade and feels soft and silky, but seriously Could this bronzer sample be any smaller? Trying to use this on my face will take me forever!  I think I will use it as an eyeshadow.  Possibly it could make a nice transition shade…

iby beauty |

IBY Beauty Highlighter in Bubbly

I have never heard of this brand before? Have any of you?  When I first saw this I thought, just what I need another tiny coral blush sample, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a beautiful highlighter.

This peachy pink powder can be used as a highlighter or an eye shadow, or even dabbed on lips.  I have been enjoying it so far this month.  I feel like it gives a great glow without being too over the top.  I like to wear highlighter, but I prefer it to be a more subtle glow from within than a ba-bam in your face highlight.

luxie brush |

Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose Gold Blush Brush 514

I have mentioned before that I both love and hate getting brushes in my ipsy bags.  I have gotten some awesome brushes that I use on a daily basis, and then I have gotten some that I have never used.  I have a few Luxie brushes and I enjoy them.  This one is super soft and the bristles are vegan, synthetic, and cruelty-free.  They call this a blush brush, but I don’t know…I haven’t decided yet how I am going to use it…I also haven’t used it yet that isn’t really a good sign.

nyx butter lipstick |

NYX Professional Makeup Butter™ Lipstick in Ripe Berry
  • “Right now this satin finish is our goldilocks texture. Glossy is too much. Matte isn’t doing the trick. But this is just right!

  • These are so insanely creamy that there’s no need to use a lip balm beforehand.

  • Ripe Berry is a totally approps name; the hue (which has cool, purple undertones) reminds us of crushed raspberries.

  • Lifeguard, a deep magenta, is bold but wearable—even for babes too shy to rock a statement lip. We grab it on days when we don’t want to commit to full-on red.”

When I first saw this lipstick I thought, great another bright red lipstick in a shade I will never wear.  Then I put it on… I was shocked by how much I love it!  I am so picky with the formula of lipsticks that I will wear.  This one is smooth and glossy and comfortable.  It doesn’t dry out my lips at all and wears off evenly.  This is the only lipstick that I brought on vacation with me and I wore it the entire time we were away. It also leaves a bit of a stain on my lips.  I will definitely be purchasing more of these Butter lipsticks from NYX.

laura lipstick |

I love everything that I got in this month’s bag!  I am so happy with everything (even the tinee tiny bronzer)!

swatches |

Did you get a glam bag this month?What did you get in yours?  Were you happy with your samples?  Do you get any other monthly subscription bags/boxes that are worth trying out?  Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget, if you don’t already subscribe and would like to try out ipsy, you can use my referral link by clicking HERE!  Also, if you are interested in seeing my other recent posts about ipsy click HERE.

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