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I Love To Blog, BUT…

I love to blog and I love interacting with all of you, my blogging friends, but I love my kids more…

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Don’t worry, I’m not giving up blogging, or even taking an extended break!

It is just that during the summer, while my kids are on break from school, I won’t have as much time to write and work on posts.  My kids are, and will always be my first priority!

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That being said, posts that take me less time to write, such as “No Gym No Problem!” and “Tip Tuesdays”,  and previously scheduled “Ditch The Diet” posts will continue to be posted, while posts that take longer to write such as product reviews and “Weekly Product Highlights” might be less frequent.

I will still be trying out all kinds of products, using samples, and will be making notes about my thoughts on them, but I just may have to postpone the actual review posts until the fall.

Stay tuned for a new fashion tips and tricks series that I have been working on coming sometime soon! (… well, maybe not so soon ;-))

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Thanks for understanding!

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One thought on “I Love To Blog, BUT…

  1. Still encouraging. I’m not a mommy but after reading this you can also do a mommy series with the activities and things your kids do over the summer vacation it makes blogging more fun when they help you do it. Maybe family recipes, sports, camp, etc.. this is your time to turn into a mommy blogger.

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