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Ipsy July 2017 Glam Bag (Last Glam Bag Ever…)

I know that I have been saying it for the last few months, but I finally went ahead and canceled my ipsy subscription.  I have been getting ipsy for more than two years now, and while I have really enjoyed the samples that I have gotten, I just felt like I am ready to move on to another subscription box.

Ok, I also realize that it is already August and I am only now writing about my July ipsy bag… Summer is so much fun and the time has been flying, I know it is not really an excuse….but I figured that since I love to see what everyone gets in their bags and especially since this is my last one, I figured I would still write about my July glam bag.

July’s theme is “Over Easy”

over easy | you don’t know what ipsy is you can check out my previous post all about it by clicking HERE)ipsy and gudetama | lookingjoligood.blogIf you follow me on Instagram you already saw what I got in my July glam bag. ipsy july 2017 | lookingjoligood.blogThis month’s bag is one of my LEAST favorite bags yet.  It has an egg yoke sleeping on the front and an egg butt on the back.  What? I really don’t get it?  I have a feeling that Gudetama must be something popular somewhere, but I am not impressed.  Hey, you can’t win them all right.gudetama | lookingjoligood.blogMy kids have been cracking themselves up over this bag ever since it came in the mail.  Every once in a while they’ll look at each other and say “Meh…” and start laughing.gudetama details |

Here is what I got in my July 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag:

brtc | lookingjoligood.blogBRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask
I  have to be honest, I haven’t used this yet even though I got it almost a month ago.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but my skin has been great lately!  I have a great routine going right now and I just don’t want to mess with it…Maybe I will use this in the future for a “How ’bout Them Samples.”  As for now, I just can’t mess with fate.
iby | lookingjoligood.blogIBY Beauty Crease Brush
If you have read many of my other ipsy posts you already know how I feel about getting brushes.  I’ll spare you the details.  That being said, I have been enjoying using this brush.  The dense, domed shape makes this the perfect brush to blend out darker shadow shades and create definition.  The super soft, synthetic bristles are 100% vegan.

ofra swatch ofra eyeshadow  | lookingjoligood.blogYou know how I feel about tiny sample sizes, I get so annoyed.  I’m so glad that Ofra doesn’t cheap out on it’s samples like some other brand I won’t name (*cough the Balm cough*) This one is a great size!

Other ipsters may have gotten the shade Victory which is a mossy brown shade. (I’m glad that I got Gold Rush.)
tarte rainforest of the sea |

tarte cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea™ deep dive cleansing gel

Ummm, I haven’t used this one either…just read what I wrote under the BRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask, it applies here too.  I really do love Tarte products though… The packaging is super cute.

Supposedly it gets off water proof makeup is hypoallergenic and non-drying.  It is also supposed to be a cleanser that’s ideal for daily use.  I don’t know, maybe it will be in a future “How ’bout Them Samples” along with the BRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask.
trestique | lookingjoligood.blogtrèStiQue Mini Concealer Crayon in Porcelain
The packaging of trèStiQue products is super cute.  So if packaging is your thing, you’ll probably love all their products.  I haven’t used this concealer under my eyes, but instead as an eyeshadow primer.  It has a creamy, coconut oil-infused formula that feels hydrating.


boxycharm |

So while this is my last month getting ipsy, I have finally made up my mind and I signed up for a 3-month subscription to Boxy Charm.  Up until now, I was on the “waiting list” but actually just got an email last night that I’ll be getting the August box.

I already saw a sneak peek and I am soooooo excited for what is coming in this month’s Boxycharm.  Stay tuned for a post when I get the box in a few weeks!

Did you get a glam bag this month? What did you get in yours?  Were you happy with your samples? Do you get any other monthly subscription bags/boxes that are worth trying out? Let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget, if you don’t already to ipsy subscribe and would like to try it out, you can use my referral link by clicking HERE!  Also, if you are interested in seeing my other recent posts about ipsy click HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Ipsy July 2017 Glam Bag (Last Glam Bag Ever…)

  1. I switched over from Ipsy to Boxycharm last month and was not disappointed. You’re going to get so much more product for what you pay. I have used everything from my July Boxycharm and barely touched anything from my Ipsy bag.


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