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Tip Tuesday #95: Multi Masking

Here’s another tip for Tip Tuesday:

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Today’s tip is about multi masking:

I’m not a fan of one-time use masks. I  believe that with skincare, just as with eating right and exercising, to see results anything that you do needs to be done consistently.

I’ve just made masking part of my weekly routine. I usually do masks twice a week, always on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Having a set day to do masks makes sure I don’t forget to do a mask.

Here is where the “multi masking” comes in…in the morning before I shower, I put the mask on first thing, then let it do its thing while I brush my teeth and go to the bathroom. I then get into the shower and wash off the mask while in the shower.

Once you do your masks this way and make this part of your masking routine, you will never do it any other way!

multi masking |
This Clay Detox Mask from Trader Joes is great, but it is only available seasonally.

Queen Helen has a lot of great masks I especially love the Mint Julep Masque. You can get it at CVS and Walgreens.

Tip Tuesday Queen Helene multi masking |

Formula 10.0.6 has a ton of great masks! You can choose from several different types, it will basically depend on what you want from the mask.

Tip Tuesday FORMULA 10.0.6 multi masking |

Let me know if you try it out and what you think! If you are enjoying these tips every Tuesday you can check them all out by clicking HERE.

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