Cancer Cannot!

I’ve spent the majority of my professional nursing career fighting cancer. Sometimes it seems as if I’m helping in the battle, and sometimes Cancer has the upper hand. Cancer is a thief, a time stealer, a heartbreaker. Cancer thinks it is so strong. Cancer feeds off of fear. Cancer knows hearing its name attached to… Continue reading Cancer Cannot!

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I REALLY Don’t Want To Get Sick!

I hate being sick!  Who doesn’t though, right?! Although not unexpected for this time of year, it seems as if especially recently there has been an increase in viral respiratory and gastrointestinal illness recently. The spread of viral illnesses, like the flu and norovirus, can be prevented by practicing good personal protection measures.  Prevention is KEY!!!… Continue reading I REALLY Don’t Want To Get Sick!

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“It’s A Nurse…”

There are some days when it feels like no one notices all of the sacrifices we nurses make.  We get attached to our patients.  We don’t do it for the glory or accolades.  We do it because we really care about our patients.  We cry in the break room or bathroom or the med room. Sometimes… Continue reading “It’s A Nurse…”

Love and Life

Saying Goodbye…

Goodbyes are never easy… I’ve been working at the Infusion Center for about 8 months now.  In these last 8 months I have learned so much and stretched myself further than I have in a long time.  I have faced some new fears (performing a therapeutic phlebotomy) and overcome some old fears (Am I going… Continue reading Saying Goodbye…