Happy Mother’s Day, 2022!

mothers day |

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom! I appreciate all that my mom has done for me throughout my life.  Among many other things she taught me to be organized and assertive, as well as friendly and inviting to new people . She instilled in me a desire for clean hands and a clean house.😉

I never knew just how much I was loved by my mom until I became a mother myself!  Being a mother has been the best and most important and rewarding thing I have ever done.

Happy, Mother’s Day…|

For some, like me, Mother’s day is a day of happiness and celebrations. Some of us feel surrounded by love on Mother’s Day. We have wonderful mothers and grandmothers and are blessed with great children.

That is not the case for everyone. Some people view Mother’s Day as a painful reminder of loss. Loss of a mother or grandmother, loss of a child, or loss of a relationship, loss of a dream, or loss of expectations. Seeing others celebrate might exacerbate those feelings of loss. So for today, I am saying “Happy Mother’s Day…”
to those who are Mothers 💐
to those who are Mothers to be💐
to those who lost Mothers💐
to those Mothers who have lost children💐
to those women who are step-mother’s 💐
to those women who are longing to be Mothers💐
to those women with difficult Mother relationships💐
to those women with difficult child relationships💐
to those women who have chosen not to be Mothers💐
to those women who are dog and cat Mothers💐
to everyone who is celebrating their Mother💐

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