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“It’s A Nurse…”

There are some days when it feels like no one notices all of the sacrifices we nurses make.  We get attached to our patients.  We don’t do it for the glory or accolades.  We do it because we really care about our patients.  We cry in the break room or bathroom or the med room. Sometimes it is so draining. Then someone writes a letter like this, and it makes it all worth it!

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13 thoughts on ““It’s A Nurse…”

  1. I have no words because this describes us perfectly in the good, bad and worse moments of our jobs. Just knowing that one parent recognizes all we do even at the highest point of her grieving makes what I do worth it.

    Pediatric oncology nurse

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      1. Wow! You work in oncology too! I agree, I love my job and can’t see myself doing anything else but it’s emotionally draining at times. Do you work with kids? For me the good stories outweigh the bad and that’s another reason I stay.

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      2. Yes, the good definitely outweighs the bad! I couldn’t see myself doing anything else as well. I love pediatrics, but I don’t work with kids anymore. Now I work in an out patient infusion center. I love it and I love all my patients.

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      3. It depends. A quicker treatment like Hodgkins, non Hodgkins and some osteos have piccs almost all of the rest have ports. We use LMX to numb the port and typically they don’t feel a thing.


      4. We hardly ever see any piccs, and I don’t know why. I wish we did! We do a lot of breast and colon and pancreatic cancer, so most of them have ports since the treatments are so long. We also use the lmx on the adults too. Sometimes I think it is more mental for them to have the cream on than anything else.

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      5. Wow we never do that unless we run out of options or veins. We get kids from third world countries with vascular and skin burns from peripheral chemo. Scary stuff!!


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