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Makeup Of The Day

As I have mentioned several times, I have been “shopping” from my own collection of makeup in my effort to not buy new makeup items. I forget that I already own a lot of great products! I continue to rediscovered so many great products that I have been completely neglecting.

Makeup of the day |

When I first got these LORAC Love, Lust & Lace Matte & Shimmer Eye Shadow Palettes I used them all the time.  As time has gone by they had gotten lost in the shuffle.  I am so glad that I brought them out to use again because I remembered why I love them so much.  Since I have dark brown eyes using the warm purple toned gray really compliments my eyes.



LORAC Love, Lust Lace Matte Shimmer Eye Shadow Palettes |

Yup that is 3 different mascaras. I have recently been testing out the full exposure and bad gal lash mascaras at the same time, and well, I have super sad straight lashes so I need the waterproof Great Lash in order to keep my curl.  (What a long story, haha)  I’m not going to tell you quite yet which eye has which mascara on it, but look closely and tell me if you can spot a difference.

LORAC Love, Lust Lace Matte Shimmer Eye Shadow Palettes |

How about you, have you tried any of the products that I have on my face today?  Do you like to test out similar products at the same time to compare them to each other?

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