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Sometimes First Impressions are Wrong…

Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer

Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer |

When I first pulled this little bronzer out of my ipsy bag, I thought great another tiny sparkly bronzer sample from ipsy that I will never use.  I even sent my sister in law a text complaining about it and making fun of the sparkles in it. The swatches were nothing special and I figured that if I used it it would probably be for eyeshadow. (You know, because I don’t have enough neutral eyeshadows already. Haha!)

Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer |

Do any of you try out new makeup at night before you wash your face and get ready for bed? Who else does this?  Anyone?  Sometimes I take so long getting “unready” my husband has got to be wondering what I am doing in there.  Well, mystery solved.  I tried out this bronzer before washing my face and couldn’t believe how beautiful it is.

I figured that maybe it was just looking good because of the other makeup I still had on so I tried it again the next day, and the next, and I have been using it every day since.  I am a pale girl, so I need bronzer to help me look alive.  This bronzer has been working amazing at livening up my completion.


AugustIpsyGlamBag |

I have never heard of this brand before and when I checked out the website linked from ipsy I couldn’t find the bronzer trio on the site. I don’t know how much a full size costs, or where I can find it to purchase one, but for now I am really enjoying this little sample.

Beaute Basics 3 Tone Bronzer |

Sometimes first impressions are dead on, and other times after trying something out a few more times you realize that it is actually a great product.

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes First Impressions are Wrong…

  1. I do – I apply crazy makeup looks or try new things before I wash my face! Just the other night I attempted a super BOLD brow, I looked very angry LOL.
    Glad this bronzer turned out better than your initial impressions – I too, would have mocked it for the sparkliness. Do you swirl it all together to use it?

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