Ditch The Diet for Healthy Habits

Find Healthy Foods You Love and Enjoy Them!

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~Ditch the Diet~

One of the most important parts of being successful at giving up dieting and living a healthy lifestyle is finding healthy foods you enjoy.

Since changing my eating habits two years ago I have found so many foods that I once thought I hated, but now I actually love.

Eggplant, Cucumbers, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Roasted Cauliflower, Baked Kale, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms. These are all things that I would never have eaten two years ago, yet they are now part of my everyday diet.

You know what, I still hate cooked peppers, I don’t think that will ever change. There are so many other healthy options that I do enjoy. When it comes to peppers, I just don’t eat them.

Set yourself up for success. Find healthy foods you love and enjoy them!


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