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Face of the Day Featuring the Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette


face of hte day using the lorac mega pro 4 |

I feel as if Lorac Cosmetics is such an awesome yet under-appreciated  brand! It’s one of my favorites! (Added bonus, it is also cruelty free.) Some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes are made by Lorac Cosmetics.

I love the texture of Lorac shadows.  Some people complain that the shadows are soft and have a lot of kickup, but I really enjoy the ease of blending and the intensity of the pigment.

Today’s look comes from the Mega Pro 4.  Despite having received this awesome palette for Christmas, due to it being  limited edition, I didn’t write a review of the Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette.  I know that sometimes brands will bring back some limited edition items, so if you ever see that this one is available again I recommend picking it up!

Lorac Mega Pro 4

face of hte day using the lorac mega pro 4 |

No matter what combination of shades I use, I can always get a great eye look out of Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette.  For this look I used  Pink Peony, Flamingo, Spice, and Misty Mauve.

Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette swatches |

As always I’m wearing my favorite mascara the  Colossal Volum Express by Maybelline. Speaking of favorites, everyday I use the mario badescu facial spray ($7 for 4 fl oz) It is a must have part of my skincare routine!  I also love the under-appreciated Ulta Beauty full coverage concealer. ($9 for 0.08 oz) When I wear my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ($45 for 1.7 oz) I’m amazed at how lightweight it is, yet how flawless my skin looks!

face of the day featuring lorac mega pro |

laura mercier tinted moisturizer |

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