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National Lipstick Day July 29,2022

July 29th is National Lipstick Day in the United States! ūüíĄ Revlon has been making their super lustrous lipstick for what seems like a million years. These classic lipsticks are sold in several different finishes such as matte and pearl, but the cr√®me formula is my favorite. It has a comfortable feel that doesn’t dry… Continue reading National Lipstick Day July 29,2022


The real #topnine

All around Facebook and Instagram #topnine pictures are being posted. All the while, neither Facebook nor Instagram has any idea what events made up my 2018. ‚Ė™ÔłŹNo algorithm can tell about visiting with my Grampa as he looks at me but doesn’t know who I am.‚Ė™ÔłŹSitting in a hospital with my beautiful grandmother hooked up to… Continue reading The real #topnine


A Seemingly Perfect Life

I say it all the time, social media is only the very best snapshots of the life we want to show the world. Don’t wish for someone else’s seemingly perfect life. We all have fears and tears and struggles. Be an encouragement to someone today, you never know what might be happening behind the filter.… Continue reading A Seemingly Perfect Life


Antisocial Media

Recently took a long break from IG. During that time my perspective on a lot of things changed. During that¬†break, I realized there are a lot of things about IG that I didn’t miss at all… There were also a few things that I did miss,¬†like interacting with people about beauty products, so for¬†now, I’m… Continue reading Antisocial Media

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Face of the Day Featuring the Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette

  I feel as if¬†Lorac Cosmetics¬†is such an awesome yet under-appreciated ¬†brand! It’s one of my favorites! (Added bonus, it is also cruelty free.) Some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes are made by¬†Lorac Cosmetics. I love the texture of Lorac shadows.¬† Some people complain that the shadows are soft and have a lot of kickup,… Continue reading Face of the Day Featuring the Lorac Mega Pro 4 Palette

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A Little Bit About Me

Hello everyone! I thought that since several of you have recently followed I would introduce myself a bit more. Here is a list of ¬†questions to get to know a little more about me… 1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight? My hair is perfectly straight, and I even though I absolutely love how… Continue reading A Little Bit About Me

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A Little More About Me Tag

Hello everyone! I thought that since I have been blogging for a just about a¬†year now and several of you have joined in a long the way I would introduce myself a bit more. So, today I am doing¬†this “A Little¬†More About Me” tag that I have seen floating around the beauty blogger world. Here… Continue reading A Little More About Me Tag

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Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet

~Weekly Product Highlight~Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet liquid lipstick~ Overall I am usually not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. ¬†While the color pay off and lasting power is usually great, I don’t like for my lips to feel dry and uncomfortable. I personally would not have bought this¬†Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet… Continue reading Rimmel London Show Off Lip Velvet

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Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016

Did you know that Walmart has it‚Äôs own a¬†subscription beauty box? ¬†Yup, they do! ¬†It is a quarterly box and only costs $5 a season. ¬†Walmart technically calls it a ‚Äúsample box‚ÄĚ and says that the box itself is free and the $5 is a flat rate for shipping and handling. ¬†Either way the box… Continue reading Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2016

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But… I Really Do Like To Buy More and More New Makeup!

Well, as I have recently mentioned, I have really been trying not to buy new makeup‚Ķeasier said than done! I really like to browse the makeup aisles! I love to look at all the new things! ¬†I love to get great deals on makeup! ¬†I love to buy all the makeup! ¬† Unfortunately, I don’t… Continue reading But… I Really Do Like To Buy More and More New Makeup!