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Recently took a long break from IG. During that time my perspective on a lot of things changed. During that break, I realized there are a lot of things about IG that I didn’t miss at all… There were also a few things that I did miss, like interacting with people about beauty products, so for now, I’m back at it. (If you want you can follow me by clicking HERE, if not that’s totally fine too. 😉)
When I first joined IG it used to be about fun. It used to be regular people sharing regular pictures of things that were happening right then. (Hence the “instant” part of the name Instagram). In the beginning, there were simple filters, but there were no ultra edited photos of picture-perfect situations. When Instagram decided to take the instant out of the equation, everything changed and it changed a lot of people too.
Instagram started to feel like a competition. When life turns into a competition we all lose. We lose the fun of it, we lose confidence in ourselves, we lose time thinking about it, we lose respect for people.
I don’t care to compete with the edited versions of life. I will not judge myself based on another person’s pictures, persona, or IG layout, and you shouldn’t either!
I don’t care about the number of likes or what the insight says. It doesn’t matter to me what is the best time of day to post or the # getting the most views. During my 4 month break, I didn’t miss keeping track of that stuff.  I don’t want to be “Instagram famous”! I’m just planning to post pictures of the things I like, the products I love and things I want to share with people.  I’m not perfect and my pictures aren’t going to be either.
So, if you want to follow me onInstagram, cool, but if you don’t also cool. Either way, what I post on IG will be a representation of me and all the things I like… mostly makeup, flowers, my dog, and inspirational sayings.
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6 thoughts on “Antisocial Media

  1. Instagram didn’t start out with perfect, filtered photos but it has turned into that which is a little sad. I don’t edit my photos much, I adjust the brightness or the warmth a little but I like minimal editing for my personal feed. Good on you to taking a break and sticking to it! Nice to see you back though 🙂


  2. Instagram has turned into a business for some. Brands will pay influencers with lots of followers to promote products on there just like on YouTube.

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